ExeterAcademy - Over 30s and over 50s courses/ Courses for mature learners 

ExeterAcademy only accepts students over 18 and the average age of students on our courses is about 30 years old.

This makes it the perfect location for courses for over 50s.

Here are some of the reasons:

  • Average age of our students is 30 years
  • You can start on any Monday and finish at any time
  • You will join mixed nationality and age group classes
  • Average total students in school 40-50
  • Typical number of nationalities at one time 10-16
  • Our general English courses are designed so you always study at the correct level in all skills
  • You can create very personalised courses using our Combination courses
  • There is a great social atmosphere in the school and on our social programme
  • There is a high quality of teaching and homestay
  • Homestay is all an easy walk to the school
  • Free bus pass for families more than 25 minutes walking from school

Rita from Switzerland (62 years): Study dates 23.4 to 11.5.18

'It was a very good atmosphere in this school. All people are friendly and helpful !

We laughed a lot and we learned with it ! Teachers were competent. This school is recommended ! Thank you very much for this good time !'

Christine from Germany (52 years); Study dates 2.10 to 27.10.17

'There's a very familiar atmosphere at ExeterAcademy. I was very surprised that the staff knew my name from the first day.

I think it's important to them that the students feel well ... I appreciated that there were adult students'


Antonio from Italy (58 years); Study dates 10.8 - 21.8.15 and 31.7 to 1.9.17

'An 'old' man as me would think that he won't be comfortable to stay in a school with young people but it isn't so. The environment is addictive for every person also for that a little older'

Natsumi from Japan (52 years); Study dates 8.8 - 19.8.16 and 7.8 - 18.8.17

'It was the second time here. I'm always happy and enjoying this school.

The most attractive point for me is that the class is divided into 3 sections; grammar, reading & writing, speaking & listening .... and also there are many adult people from all over the world'

Hannes, Iceland (55 years); Study dates 2.5 to 9.6.18  

'There is no difference between older and younger students. At ExeterAcademy you are only 'student'. Younger and older people all work together'

Hello from all the team at Exeter Academy !!

With temperatures in the 20s, it felt like Spring or even summer had finally arrived last week and weekend.

After several weeks of snow not so long ago it was great to experience some warm, bright conditions.

We currently have 35 students at Exeter Academy, with a lovely mix of ages and nationalities. There are students here from Greenland, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Israel and others. We hope you will join us and please feel free to look at our website, videos of Exeter (use this link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtmZ9EJs1HmoiteZ4H2pgzw) and if you would like to, the online enrolment page -  http://www.exeteracademy.co.uk/enrol-now

We hope to welcome you soon  !!!!

A very Happy New Year !!!

We hope this blog will provide interesting insight into our super little school, offer ideas about how to learn and train in English language, how to enjoy doing so, and how to benefit from the wider opportunities in Exeter as a city and the South West region as a whole.

We believe Exeter academy is the ideal school in the ideal city in an idyllic part of the UK.

We will continue to provide information, ideas and help for you our readers in maximising your language study opportunities.


Winter sports and weddings !!!!

A new and exciting year is beginning. There are many global events taking place, eg. the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the football World Cup in Russia.

Continuing the sporting theme, you might not be a fan of rugby, but may be interested to know that Exeter has the home stadium of the English national champions - The Exeter Chiefs in rugby league.                       

Visiting the Chief's stadium at Sandy Park is a memorable day out, which several of our students have experienced. You will see international rugby stars from all over the world and the wonderful action of the fast-paced game.


Royal Wedding bells !!

Of course, there will be a royal wedding in May, with Prince Harry marrying Meghan Markle.

This will be an opportunity to see us celebrating in truly British style, with street parties, the wide and varied costumes, culture and what we call 'Pomp' - a word which means all the special clothing, traditions and activities that happen during these big events, especially connected to our Royal family. We are very good at that which anyone of you who has seen the changing of the guard at BuckinghamPalace will testify.


What about ExeterAcademy ?

New intensive IELTS programme. 

From January this year we have begun a new intensive IELTS programme. This combines our extremely successful and unique Multi-level system with a highly focussed and thorough IELTS training, designed to prepare students for Academic study or achieve good results for work or whatever their needs are.

By separating the different skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening into different lessons, we can ensure that you are at exactly the most effective level in all of these to maximise your progress. Then we add 6 hours of focussed exam techniques training to create a highly specialised and dedicated course programme.

Our students have a fantastic record of achievement in exams as a result.

Here are links to this in this website:



Merry Christmas

It's that time of year already, Exeter is looking beautifully festive and our school is all ready for Christmas too.

We would like to wish all of our current, past and future students a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! If you are looking to come and study English at our school in 2018, we can't wait to see you

Welcome to our blog

Welcome to the Exeter Academy blog, here you will find the latest news, discussion and updates from the academy and studying English.

Check back soon.

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