Putting the Word Around

Putting the word around

For those of you who have not heard this expression, it means ‘telling lots of people about something.’

Well, over the last year, we have been doing quite a lot of this.

We are still very proud to say that we have the only Multi-level course design in the UK.

We very much like the flexibility to put students at different levels in different skills.

A lot of our students are better in some skills than others.

With our course design, we can put them in higher levels for the skills that they are stronger in and lower levels for skills where they need more help.

We have seen that this also helps with progress in all skills.


Agent fairs

Andy and also Lydia have both been travelling around the world giving useful information to agents about the school last Autumn.

Andy went to London Studyworld and ICEF Berlin and Lydia did her first trip to Japan for the ISS student fairs.

Both had a very positive experience and brought back useful contacts to Exeter.