"Living in Exeter and studying in Exeter Academy has been an unforgettable experience." -  Rafaela Spain

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"Exeter is a small, calm and safe city - a perfect place to study"

Located near the sea, pleasant sea breezes offer clean air all year round

Exeter has been voted "Britain’s Best City" for quality of life.

Exeter has 8 restaurants included in the 'Which Good Food Guide'.

Exeter has excellent facilities for sport, activities, culture, music, shopping and socialising.

Exeter has an award winning shopping development with more than 60 shops, cafes and restaurants.

Exeter airport has direct flights to London, Paris, Barcelona, Geneva, Amsterdam etc

With many interesting and exciting sporting, and other outdoor activities, such as football, golf, tennis, walking, cycling, canoeing, swimming, surfing, wind-surfing, exercise and local gyms, there are always things to do and if you are interested in culture we have 2000 years of sites and attractions for you to explore.

Visit the colourful markets and explore a gallery or show. At the weekend, spend a leisurely day with entertainment in Princesshay, events at the Exeter Phoenix, or try one of the city’s many restaurants, tea rooms, cafes and delicatessens, with food to please every taste and budget.

Exeter has an incredible 12th century cathedral, with the longest roof of its type in the world. Free guided tours allow you to explore the fascinating past of this famous city, from romans to ghosts, kings, queens and criminals.

For more information on Exeter please visit the links below: Visit England - Exeter | Visit Devon - Exeter | Heart of Devon - Exeter


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